Holiday in Dubai – Day 3

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The Burj Al Arab Hotel Neither of us slept as well as we normally do, although Ann seemed to have had a better night than me. We both eventually woke-up at 8.15 to what looks like it’s going to be a warm day!

After breakfast, we took a short taxi-ride to ‘Madinat Jumeirah’. It was a sort of re-created indoor ‘bazaar’ with quite a few restaurants surrounding it. We took a guided boat-tour round the waterways (also re-created) – the Abra Tour. It was good fun and very scenic. The tour lasted around 45 minutes and cost 50 Dirham each (10 quid each). 

Our plan was to get near the ‘Burj Al Arab’ Hotel – the famous one that looks like a sail, but as normal out here, if you’re not a resident, they don’t let you near it!

We had a good look round and had a coffee – but it was a bit too breezy to sit outside. We had a final look round and headed back to our hotel for some sun-bathing.

The Beach at our Hotel in Dubai In fact we stayed on the beach longer than we ever remember – from about 1pm until 4.30. OK that did include  having lunch in the beach-bar ‘Horizon’. Ann tried the Arabian version of a salmon pizza, which was ‘interesting’ – it seemed to have many of the components of a traditional Italian pizza – herbs, cheese, filling…but somehow, just wasn’t right visually and on the taste-buds. I went for the safer option – the ‘Thai Chicken Burger’ – A generous beast containing three chicken breasts with peanut sauce, peppers, salad, ketchup and mayo plus chips!!! Pass the Simvastatin!!

4.45pm. Just time a short snooze before we hit the Hotel Restaurant for another themed night. Tonight, the theme is ‘International’ – whatever that means! 🙂

7.30pm. ‘International Night’ in the Hotel’s Restaurant. We booked a little later tonight and the restaurant was just as busy. They put us in the corner of the restaurant, well-way from where most others were…but at least the chairs and tables were stable unlike previous nights.

We discovered what ‘international’ meant – a bit from everywhere! Or, if we’re slightly cynical – left-overs from previous themed nights. 🙂

I tried the fish and the camel beef medallions, the cheesy potatoes, the chicken wings and the pork kebabs – dog’s dinner anyone? We finished off with the excellent range of individual desserts – two or three each. Yum Yum!

After the meal, we headed for the lounge to write the postcards. We then headed back to the room to watch a bit of TV.

The days certainly seem to fly-by here. Let’s hope we both sleep better tonight!

We’re going to look at Ann’s job-options tomorrow and also take a trip to the new Waitrose just down the road

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