Holiday in Dubai – Day 4

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We both slept a lot better – looks like turning-off the air-conditioning in the room helped! 

It’s our last full-day in Dubai today. I got up at 8am and Ann followed. Breakfast was less busy than normal and there was a lot of new faces. I guess quite a few had checked out last-night.

The Dubai Marina Mall We took a short five-minute taxi-ride to the Dubai Marina Mall. Wow! what a place.

The things we noticed immediately were:

  • It’s so clean…
  • It’s so large…
  • and err, it’s so empty!

Waitrose in the Dubai Marina Mall It had a Waitrose that had only opened last November, so we had a quick look round and then headed for the Mall’s coffee-shop on the top-floor – Seattle Coffee Co. Luckily it had an area where you could sit outside where there were some stunning views of the Marina. A lot of it was still under construction, but it still looked great.

The view from the top of the Mall We got back to the Hotel about 12 noon and decided to spend our last opportunity here, in the sun. By 2.30 we’d had enough of the heat and headed back to the room. We booked a table in the restaurant for 7.00pm – tonight’s theme is ‘Italian’.

The Gym nest to the Hotel in Dubai A quick infusion of chocolate was soon followed by a trip to the Gym. This is our third visit – a personal record for me! 🙂 We left the gym around 4.00pm and headed for the room (after I got the key-cards replaced having lost them somewhere!). We had a short snooze and then began packing as we’re checking-out tomorrow.

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