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Back in June last year, we took the first steps to improving our environmental footprint by going ‘all-electric’ for our main car. Then, in April 2020, we ditched British Gas as our dual-energy provider, and based on recommendations from friends who’d already made the switch, moved to the rather weirdly named Octopus Energy.

Today was the next stage of going even greener by having our existing gas and leccy meters swapped-out for a pair of up-to-date ‘smart’ equivalents. If you haven’t thought about smart-meters yet, then go for it – it’s a no-brainer! 🐙🐙

Here’s why… To start with, you get a totally free installation that only takes a few hours to install. Their smartness means they ‘talk’ to a small ‘IHD’ (In-Home Display) — also supplied free — that boasts lots of coloured lights and snazzy graphics! Naturally, it got my vote immediately! More importantly though, underneath all the ‘flash’ is some serious number-crunching that provides you with the minutiae of your energy consumption! 😄. Best of all, this whizzy technology also means you never-ever get an estimated reading again, because the device automatically sends your meter readings back to the mothership every 30 minutes.

The latest ‘IHD6’ from Octopus

Why Octopus? Well, their customer service has been nothing short of excellent – something that British Gas failed at miserably (amongst many other things!). We get a clear, concise bill every month to show where we’ve spent our money, and they have some very innovative tariffs (not just for EV owners) that make their competitors look positively stone-age. Helpfully, they speak very plain English and I’ve never waited more than a day-or-so for a reply when I’ve emailed them (and I’d say that’s especially good, considering the current impact of the pandemic on many organisations!). Did I mention they’re the ONLY energy provider recommended by Which?

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