Coton Manor Gardens

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Continuing our theme of looking at old things on our doorstep, I put the mirror to one-side and instead, we headed for Coton Manor and Gardens. The Manor House isn’t open to the public, but the Gardens are open Tuesday to Saturday.

The Manor House
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Based on the number of cars in the car-park, it was clearly a popular destination! We took the short walk to the entrance and after parting with £7.50 each and receiving our free map, we headed for the main event – the Gardens!

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First impressions were great ones! So much colour and so much variety too!

This is clearly a loved Garden! Every blade of grass looked like it had been manicured within a millimetre of its life!

…and if that wasn’t enough of an assault on the senses (in a good way!), there were also… Flamingos! (Yes, really!)

The minimum number for a ‘Flamboyance’ of Flamingos!

Three of them in total, totally at ease surrounded by us humans, all trying to grab a photograph!

Our final stop was their outdoor Garden Shop. The area sported a large range of healthy-looking plants and where the size of some of the greenery was a clear indication of the TLC from the gardening team!

All-in-all then, a very worthwhile visit! 😀

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