The Greenhouse Effect

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Letting me loose on any DIY task is always a risk! ?

Ann’s new Mini-greenhouse (not!)

And recently was one of those (ahem!) ‘opportunities’ to demonstrate my talents (or lack of them!). Specifically, Ann’s new mini-greenhouse. It looked splendid in the pictures online, but like most things these days, it arrived (from those very nice people at Access Garden Products) as a self-assembly flat-pack. ?

From the online brochure

Oh joy! ?.

So, with the public within half a mile of me warned to stay indoors and to blindfold their pets, I armed myself with a screwdriver and more importantly, my reading glasses – and the challenge commenced!!! I guess it was one of those times when everyone in the Close welcomed social distancing!! ?

I’d rather be repairing laptops!

Luckily, the said flat-packs came with a very comprehensive assembly booklet, but unluckily, it started to rain about halfway through the exercise, reducing the booklet to tissue paper.

By the time I invited my trusty assistant, friend and neighbour (and far more competent) David to the task, it was raining hard, but at least I’d assembled about three-quarters of it.

C’mon put your back into it!

Actually, I was quite proud of my achievements. No personal injuries, and no humans nor pets harmed!

With the back assembly and the shelves in place, I was on a roll…

…or not! ? We soon discovered that some materials were missing from the package (the plastic running tape to support the glass) and so we couldn’t finish the job and add the finishing touch – the glass panels. Rain then stopped play for a few days!

Fast-forward a few days to Monday, and the Sun was now out (and the missing parts were in!). On with the task then! ?

I hate handling glass, it’s a real pane (groan!!!) and there were six of the beasts! Anyway, it all went very smoothly, and within the hour, it was ‘job done’. Pets’ blindfolds were removed, and neighbours breathed a sigh of relief, as normality returned…

…whilst the geraniums prepared themselves for their new home for the Winter!

The Finished Article – Not quite the ‘Crystal Palace’ ?

Maybe I’m better at DIY than I thought! ? Time will tell!

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