St Albans 2017

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We drove over to Bedford today and planned to hop on the train for the short ride to St Albans. However, Fate had other plans for us as the car-park was completely full and we couldn’t find anywhere else nearby with a long enough parking period. Instead we braved the M1 and drove to St Albans, out of necessity. We were due to meet up with Peter J, but he’s not so well these days and felt he couldn’t make the trip – so just us two this time.

The reason for St Albans? We’ve been wanting to visit the town for quite a few years because of the lovely Cathedral and the the fact that the town itself is really old! Potentially, there was a lot to see here, but for today, we narrowed it down to just the Cathedral.

After a reasonable journey on the motorway, we arrived at our destination. parking again, was an immediate problem, but we shoe-horned the Sportage into a space just opposite the Cathedral for the maximum allowed period of two hours. From thereon in, it was all a bit of a rush, but we managed to do everything we planned – just!

Wow! What a stunning piece of architecture both inside and out – we were blown away by its beauty.

With the cultural part now completed, it was time to look to the future. With the revamp of our bathroom in mind for sometime soon (ish!), we thought we’d drop in C P Hart – the bathroom specialist in the town where we sourced 99% of our stuff for our refreshed downstairs loo, this time last year. They were very helpful and after a short discussion, they’re going to draw up a few plans for how the bathroom might look.

Then it was off for lunch at Lussmann’s in the town centre, where they did us proud (in spite of having a party of an extra 100-or-so also eating at the same time!)

All-in-all a great day where I think we made best use of the parking difficulties in-and-around the town. Next time we’re here, we’ll park in the multi-storey (that we didn’t see until we were leaving) so that we get more time to explore this fascinating place.

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