Holiday: Return to Oz – Day 2 (of 18): Singapore to Melbourne via Jakarta

WEDNESDAY the 20th, 8am local time (that’s Midnight, back home!)

Morning All! We’ve just landed at Changi Airport, Singapore. And after a challenging journey trying to find the Garuda Business Lounge (it’s past all the other Lounges, behind the lifts, near the toilets!). Classy huh! 😁

Well obviously, this is the Garuda Lounge! 😕 How silly of us!

Not being labelled ‘Garuda’ didn’t help at all, but after double-checking we were in the right place, we were soon settled into the Lounge, testing the comfy chairs. I say ‘Lounge’, it was more of a ‘Rabbit Hutch’! 🤔 Not the largest we’ve seen during our travels, but it had all the right ingredients – plenty to eat, drink, watch and read – and a very polite and smiley person on Reception.

So, after 12 hours on the first leg, we are now waiting for the second leg – Singapore to Jakarta, and then it’s the third leg of our adventure – Jakarta to Melbourne.

For both legs, we’re flying with Garuda – the Airline no-one’s heard of, but they’ve got a good track-record for travel with very competitive prices (but they’re not so good with Lounge signage!)

singapore airport to jakarta airport
Leg 2

Then, just one more leg until Australia!

Jakarta airport to Melbourne airport flight route
Leg 3

The lack of sleep is beginning to kick-in now. Ann‘s ‘out for the count’ and I’m close!

Next news? When we get to Melbourne… Tara!

Holiday: Return to Oz – Day 1 (of 18): Singapore (briefly!)

TUESDAY the 19th…

Morning Reader,

Today is another day of travel – almost 13 hours on a Plane! Then, guess what?, once we’re back on terra-firma in Singapore, we’re waiting for another Plane!

heathrow t2 to singapore airport route

But at least our first hop is Business Class with Singapore Airlines! Satisfaction guaranteed! 😁👍


But before all that flying, it would be rude not to try out their Business Lounge. Oh, and that’s convenient, they’re serving breakfast! ☺

A ‘Full English’ (Singapore style!)

Nice Lounge!

Our flight (SQ317) departs at 10.55 and we’re on an Airbus A380-800 – that monster of a flying machine!

‘Hop 1’ lands us at 7.50am tomorrow, local time, at Changi Airport, and then after a brief two-hour wait, our hopping continues to Jakarta (FGA825), courtesy of an Airline that many have never heard of – Garuda Indonesia their national carrier.


Why Garuda Indonesia? Well, their prices are simply amazing! They’re typically HALF the price of their competitors’ business-class flights and it was an opportunity too good to miss and worth a try.

More news when we arrive in Singapore tomorrow… 👍