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After last night’s late-night curry-fest with the Costellos, what could be better than a lie-in this morning? Well nothing actually, but instead, we sped off to Nick and Celina’s to continue with helping them re-model their garden. After a quick faff-around in the kitchen clearing up the final debris, we hit the road early and arrived just before 9.15am.

The four of us soon got stuck in – pruning, digging, dumping, planting and re-planting, stopping only for the short break for a cuppa and then a ‘picnic on the lawn’ around 1pm.

My goodness, we got so much done today, and even though the promised heatwave never really arrived (probably a good thing!), it didn’t stop us making great progress.

It’s fair to say that by the ‘close-of-play’ just after 3, we were all ready to call it a day. And we did, said our farewells and headed home. Fortunately, our navigation around the road closure at Upplingham was a lot more successful than Friday’s near Oundle and we were home by 4.30.

A rewarding day in every sense – I feel a hot bath coming on!

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