Costello Curry

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We got together at ours tonight with our good friends, the CostellosTrish, John, Sean, Conor and Conor’s girlfriend Shantalle. No special reason except a perfect opportunity for one of our legendary Curry feasts!

Ann excelled with three different curries – Cod, Lamb and Chicken, whilst my contribution was a much simpler (and always popular) – Bombay Potato.

Kick-off was at 7pm, but Conor and Shantalle had some sprog-issues and arrived just after 8. Luckily we’d held back on cooking the Starters, so by the time everyone was assembled, everything was ready, on time and perfectly cooked!

Did we have enough food? Well, it looked like enough for the whole street when we were preparing it all. However, the hearty appetites of three 20-somethings plus the opportunity for seconds, and in some cases, thirds, meant that any concern about whether we’d fit  the left-overs in the fridge afterwards were unnecessary. It’s always good to cook for those with very healthy appetites!

Midnight came and went – as did 99% of the food – and after giving Trish and John their gift of a coloured lighting kit for their soon-to-be revamped kitchen, we said our goodbyes leaving just the clearing-up to do. That’s normally my specialist area, so whilst I assembled the queue for the dishwasher and sink, Ann retired to the safety of the duvet!

It was a great fantastic evening, and good to meet Shantalle at last. Everyone did the food justice (that’s always a nice compliment) and we had some good laughs along the way. By the time I got to bed, it was just after 1am – and that’s pretty late for me! Still, more than worth it though!

Early start tomorrow!!

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