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Road Angel Plus
After many years faithful service (I think I bought it in 2005), it’s now time to upgrade my Road Angel (the device that helped me to keep my Licence free from additives!!!) – shown above – to the latest incarnation of the device.

My original Road Angel was upgraded to the ‘plus’ version a few years later, and at the time, it was one of the best devices on the market. Fast forward to 2011 and we now have the sleek-and-shiny ‘Road Angel Connected’. The significant part of the name is the last word – connected. This means that I don’t have to remove it from the car and connect it to the PC to update the databases on it – it does it, automagically via an in-built sim-card. Add to that, it’s got a colour screen and a tracking function (so it’s possible to pinpoint me on a map – or the car, if it gets stolen), it’s a real overdose of super-tech. Lovely!

I’d considered other makes and brands, but in the end, I settled for this beauty! Best of all, I was able to haggle the price down direct from the manufacturers from an eye-watering £294 (eeek!!) to a much more reasonable £169.


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