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These days, long-distance driving for us is reserved for holidays only – no longer any 100 mile-plus jaunts to chase down the next big job for either of us!

So, today was a bit of an exception. It was family-related as we were going to Cousin John’s funeral tomorrow at Beckenham Crematorium. Plan A was to travel down on the day of the funeral, but even though we weren’t expected until 12.30, it was always going to be a rush from this end, if we factored in the potential traffic congestion – even if we left at ‘silly o’clock’!

So we opted for Plan B, and travelled down the day before. Actually, the last time we did a similar journey was way back in December 2021 when we were on our way to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary and we dropped in on my brother’s to exchange Christmas presents.

Although technically, we could have done the round trip of 220(ish) miles without charging at all, we wanted to try out the new Charging Hub that’s been built in Catford, courtesy of Shell and MFG. It sports 8 CCS Chargers (the new 150kW type) and that tends to suggest we won’t have to queue 1. At all 2. Only a short while. We’ll see!

We arrived just before 3.45 and there were plenty of bays free! We were soon plugged in and charging (albeit at 83p/kWh!). 😲. It’s still cheap, but £26.60 for just 33.67 kW felt like it had made a massive dent in our fuel kitty!

Just before 4pm, we arrived at our bed for the night – the Premier Inn in Bromley. Bromley has certainly changed since the last time I was here! The area where the hotel stands used to be a multi-storey car-park!

In the evening (just like the last time we were this way) we dropped in to see Neil, Debbie, Alfie & Frankie, just a short walk away, and where we sorted out all the world’s problems over a pizza or five! 😉. We also exchanged Christmas presents from 2022. A great get-together! It had been good to catch up with the Palmer side of the family tree – something we don’t do often enough! 🤔

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