The Pulse of Kettering!

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There was a time when our home town of Kettering always seemed to be the LAST to get any tech innovations. Well, that’s just changed! Why? How?

A few days ago, we learned about something here that’s put us ahead (currently) of any other town in the UK.

And no, for once, I’m not talking about internet speeds!

Shiny Shiny!

Step forward, BP Pulse, one of the first providers of non-Tesla public EV charging and currently the UK’s largest EV charge-point provider. In the past week, they’ve proudly opened their shiny new Kettering ‘Hub’, featuring 10 of their most technically advanced 300kW units offering the ability to serve 20 vehicles at 150kW all at once.

Officially, these are known as Ultra-Fast chargers and no doubt, they’ll have ‘ultra’ prices to match. For non-EV peeps, at the time of writing, this news is really ‘quite a thing’! 😯. Realistically though, there aren’t many cars that can take advantage of ‘150kW’ currently. But, if you’re an Audi eTron, a Porsche Taycan or a Kia EV6 owner, and you live in/near Kettering, you’ll be mighty pleased about this news, as it’ll get your pride-and-joy to 80% in around 20 minutes! πŸ‘

And there’s a Costa nearby too!

Their CEO Akira Kirton commented: “It’s our largest and most powerful EV charging hub yet”

The Hub is located at the intersection of the A14 and the A43 on Cransley Park. Technological advances, as we know, wait for no-one, and BP Pulse are due to open their next one, somewhere in the West Midlands, featuring a whopping 15 double-chargers!

At last, Kettering enters the 21st Century! πŸ‘πŸ˜

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