TV: Lost in Austen

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I wasn’t expecting much from this Drama Premiere on ITV1, but I was pleasantly surprised! I’m glad I recorded it on SkyPlus last night!

It seemed to combine a credible time-travel story whilst retaining the look-and-feel of a authentic period-piece. It also blended genuine character warmth with occasional touches of humour. I loved ‘Amanda’s’ ring-tone on her phone – the theme from the BBC adaptation! and the fact she couldn’t get a mobile signal once she’d travelled back in time.

Jemima Rooper gave a good solid performance throughout. There are another three-parts to this and for me, it’s already got a ‘Life-on-Mars’ feel to it. It’ll be interesting to see what the viewing figures are like.

Update 5 September: According to Digital Spy, the first episode of Lost In Austen, …drew an average of 3.81m (16.7%) in the 9pm hour. The figure is down slightly on the 4.55m (20.1%) who watched ITV1’s Champions League coverage on Wednesday last week.

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