Doctor Who – Series 1, Episode 5: Dot and Bubble

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Episode 5 and another one penned by Showrunner: Russell T Davies.

Home is where… (answers on a postcard)

I loved last week’s – 73 Yards – but when it came to the final act, it was a bit short on answers! But it didn’t stop me from giving it the highest rating so far this series! Having said that, I really do hope this week’s is a bit more straightforward – my brain could do with a rest! 😵‍💫

Episode 1 – Space Babies

Episode 2: The Devil’s Chord

Episode 3: Boom

Episode 4: 73 Yards

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Nope! No idea what’s going on!

It’s 9am, and I’m getting ahead and downloading it on iPlayer.

9.15am: Here we go…

What’s it about?

Any good?

Well, this felt very different from last week’s, where the somewhat sinister premise of Episode 4 was replaced this time by something that appeared to be light and frothy. I already don’t like it! 😟. The ‘Instagram-like’ colour-grading of the opening scenes was obviously deliberate to amplify the apparent frivolous nature of this latest story.

But like everything about Doctor Who, appearances can sometimes be deceptive! 🤔. Two minutes in, the Doctor appeared (yes, he IS in this one, albeit mostly on a screen) with a stark warning for the lead character – Lindy Pepper-bean (played by Callie Cooke).

…and they also brought back the opening credits (after last week’s mystery disappearance). So far, so ‘Doctor Who’ (thankfully!).

OK, we’re off! It didn’t take long to spot that this episode was closer to Black Mirror in both tone and style. That’s no bad thing, and if you’re already a fan, there is lots to love here. ‘A society that is over-reliant on technology and has lost touch with reality’ has been a familiar trope for that series for a long time, where it also suited this world of Time Lords perfectly well. So far, so futuristic, but did you spot the link with something from the past – the Agatha Christie story – the ABC Murders? Enough said, for fear of spoiling this story🤔

If you’re like me, don’t be too quick to base your judgement on those opening 10 minutes – that ‘light and airy’ feel in the early scenes gave way to something far more sinister. Consequently, this is one that’s a real slow-burner, and has more than a few moments of genuine terror onscreen as the story unfolds. Today’s top tip? Make sure you’ve hoovered behind the sofa, as it may get crowded!! 🫨. Cue lots of Who-trademarks such as running, shouting and saving people, but it’s perhaps not the ending you’d expect.

And for continuity-watchers, in those final scenes, would someone clean up the Doctor’s lapel? What is that? 🤔

Forty-three minutes later and for me, this was a story that just got better, although I felt (again) that ‘the solution’ came together a little too quickly. This one deserved another 10-15 minutes to slow things down a bit.

Story aside, once more, the SFX are top-notch and the acting is superb, considering pretty much all of it must have been shot against ‘green screen’. Nkuti Gatwa is proving that he really does own the partand I pity the actor who has to follow him when this Doctor eventually hangs up his keys to the Tardis.

It’s now around 11am and I’ve scheduled this Post so that it won’t go live until tonight’s episode has aired at 7.35pm

Next Week

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Next week’s outing – ‘Rogue’ – has got a distinctive Bridgerton vibe about it. Written by Kate Herron & Briony Redman and directed by Ben Chessell, this will give our titular hero the perfect excuse to dress up in a flamboyant way! No, wait… 😎. Bridgerton???? I’ve got a bad feeling about this!! 😵‍💫😟🤔

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