Doctor Who Series Finalé 2024 – Advanced Screening

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10.27pm: Evening all! It’s nearly showtime at 11pm and well past my bedtime – but we think it’s worth it, as Jo and I are here at Cineworld, Rushden Lakes about to watch the season series finalé of one of our favourite programmes – Doctor Who.

Yes, THE CINEMA! In a masterclass of marketing, last week’s episode and ‘tomorrow’s’ – ‘Empire of Death’ – are being shown in a special double-bill. The last time they tried something similar, it was for the 50th Anniversary starring Matt Smith and David Tennant in the title role(s?), and I was there for it at the local Odeon on the 23rd of November – where it was packed! 😀👍

…and eleven years later, it was a also great turnout at Screen 9 – with a ride range of ages from, I’d say, 20s through to 70s!😟. See! We’re not the only two fans left!! 😍

11.16pm: We’re off!

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What’s all the fuss about? Above is the official trailer! See you in around two hours, where, as a bonus for us fans, the finalé is slightly longer than usual – 55 minutes.

1.16am: That’s a first! Rushden Lakes is almost deserted! It’s just after 1.15am and it seems like it’s not worth going to bed… but I did, eventually!😵‍💫. So, before I hit the ‘land of nod’, just a few words to say that this evening/morning was definitely worth it! This quaint ol’ British Sci-fi series transferred perfectly to the big screen and easily held its own amongst other recent blockbusters from the same genre. Do yourself a favour – even if you’re not a fan – and tune into BBC1 at 6.40pm tonight to watch what we just watched! Story-wise, my detailed review will be up tomorrow night in a separate post after the finalé airs – whilst for impatient sorts, the episode drops on iPlayer from 6am. 👍

1.43am: Nighty-night! 💤💤💤💤

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