Doctor Who – Series 1, Episode 6: Rogue

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Episode 6 and with only two more episodes to go, things are hotting-up. With just ‘The Legend of Ruby Sunday’ and ‘Empire of Death’ left, as the remaining titles, I hear that they’re going to show them in cinemas too on the preceding Friday night. I think that’s a first!


Last week’s episode ‘Dot and Bubble’ was a bit ‘pink and fluffy’ for my tastes – and a bit too close in style (initially) to the recent cinematic phenomenon that was’Barbie’. Just as many people don’t ‘get’ Doctor Who, I felt the same about Barbie, and I still can’t work out what all the fuss was about! 😟.

Anyway, back to the Whoniverse! 👍. This week’s outing – an episode set in the style of Bridgerton (visually anyway), sounds like a disaster waiting to happen, and so I wonder where it’ll sit in my ratings of Series 1 so far?

Episode 1 – Space Babies

Episode 2: The Devil’s Chord

Episode 3: Boom

Episode 4: 73 Yards

Episode 5: Dot and Bubble

Ratings-wise, we appear to have quite a spread so far – from the ‘really crappy and embarrassing’ (Ep 1) to ‘now, that’s definnitlet worth a second watch’ (Ep 4).

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It’s 6.30am, and I’m getting ahead and downloading it on iPlayer. With friends around for a curry tonight, the iPlayer option has been a real benefit (as it had in previous weeks too!). It’s such a busy life being retired!!! 😎😀 and when tonight’s episode went out live at 6.45pm, we will be tucking into the Indian Starters!

With all the food preparation for this evening in the very capable hands of Mrs P and my duties centred around cleaning and vacuuming – we were now pretty much all sorted by about 1pm, so time for ‘feet up’! 👍

12.50pm: I’m going in! See you in 44 minutes! ⌛

What’s it about?

Worth watching?


It’s 1.25pm. Well, that was much, MUCH better than I thought it was going to be! Although in the opening scenes, it was 100% Bridgerton in style, in less than a minute it turned into something far more sinister and set the tone for this story – oh, so very Doctor Who!

So far, so mysterious! Giving Russell T Davies, Who’s Showrunner a rest from writing duties this week was Kate Herron and Briony Redman – and they did a great job.

Indira Varma

Actress Indira Varma was probably the one who I recognised immediately (Game of Thrones, Star Wars and plenty more!), including playing the part of the ill-fated Suzie Costello in the first episode of the Who-spinoff, ‘Torchwood (2006-2011). Less well-known to this part-time party animal, but who played a pivotal part, was actor Jonathon Goff (Frozen and Glee), as bounty hunter and faux-nemesis: ‘Rogue’. As the promotional blurb had promised:… he will change the Doctor’s life forever”. I’m not quite sure about that, but he certainly played a major role in how tonight’s story unfolded.

Looking good, Doctor!

It was certainly an episode of contrasts. At times, it mimicked Bridgerton in every sense – costumes, dialogue and even the music choices, all wrapped-up in a perfect Regency setting. But just as we, the viewers, got comfortable, there were scenes that had the ingredients of pure sci-fi – gadgets, terror, technobabble and aliens. I liked it! Sci-fi tropes aside, I even enjoyed the brief dance scenes too – choreographed so well, that it looked as if everyone was connected to everyone else! There, I said it! I liked the Bridgerton bits!🤩.

As a bonus, in between the twee of it all, they even managed to squeeze in some light comedy too! For me, the best line tonight (as the Doctor is trapped by ‘Rogue’)

“My name’s Bond, molecular bond!

OK, it’s a bit cheesy, but it was perfectly timed (as all good cheese should be!) 😁.

No TV production these days, especially one with a global audience, is going to miss the opportunity to demonstrate how diverse it can be – and tonight’s was no different. If the sight of two men kissing (almost) is not your thing, then may I suggest, you take a loo break at around the 22-minute mark. It’s OK, I went earlier! But you may need to relieve yourself again towards the end for the same reason – no problem… twice in an hour can be normal practice for men of our vintage! 🫨

Tonight, shock, horror, running (away) and the Doctor being a hero gave us all the ingredients of a good Who yarn with a genuinely climactic ending. Fir this super-fan, tonight’s title was right up there for me in the league of memorable episodes. I’m not sure the ‘monster makeup’ was the most convincing, but that’s always been a hallmark of Who (although co-financiers, Disney, will be disappointed that the budget didn’t stretch to a more convincing use of CGI faces). On the plus-side, Nkuti Gatwa does look good in Regency gear where he delivered, once again, a powerful performance and a wide range of emotions. Thankfully the ‘camp-ometer’ was dialled down tonight too and Mr Humphries can again, rest easy this week! 😉

As usual, I’ve scheduled this Post so that it wasn’t live until after tonight’s episode had aired at 7.30pm.

Next Week

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As usual, just before the credits rolled, we got a sneak peek at next week’s penultimate episode. The style for this series is to not give much away in these clips – and this one certainly was true to form!

See you next week! 😀

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