Doctor Who – New Year Special 2018: ‘The Resolution’

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I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this special episode given that I’d been very unimpressed overall with the previous series. In short, too soap-opera-ey and not enough Who-ness.

Tonight’s got off to a slow start. And with no title sequence, I was wrong-footed immediately. But, as the episode progressed, this latest outing for our hero began to grow on me. 

I didn’t like the soap-opera element (Ryan’s conflict with his Dad) but just like every series these days it seems, there HAS to be some emotional tension/resolution doesn’t there? For me, it’s just so unnecessary. 

On a positive note (and to confirm probably it’s worst-kept secret) it was good to see a returning adversary in the shape of a (semi-naked) Dalek. Conversely, I was VERY disappointed that UNIT was ‘written out’ so unceremoniously!
Sad smile 
The special effects were pretty good and certainly a lot better than some I’d seen on previous episodes. The final scene where they defeated the Dalek was totally cheesey, but left the audience with a warm rosy glow into this new year! Ahhh!
In conclusion, I’d say that Jodie Whittaker has, IMHO, really made the part her own now – and tonight’s outing sets up things nicely for the next series (apparently due in ‘early 2020’). This episode felt more Who-like than most of the previous series and I really hope it’s the next series will be more like this new year’s special.

Doctor Who – Series 11, Episode 10 – ‘The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos’

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Doctor Who, Series 11, Final Episode: 'The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos'
OK, tonight is the final episode of this re-booted series, and after some mostly crappy episodes, they’ll need to do something really special to get me back on-side!

With last week’s big reveal that the monster-of-the-week was a… frog!!!, can we have something really serious now please Mr Chibnall? Here’s hoping! After tonight – and in a break with tradition – there’s no Christmas Special, instead there’s an episode on New Year’s Day. Rumour has it that contrary to  Mr Chibnall saying there will be no ‘old’ monsters in this series, the new year edition will apparently feature…


Well, I suppose he’s right in that the new year’s day episode ISN’T part of the ‘series’ as such!

Anyway, back to tonight’s hard-to-recall title…

…and they mucked about with the timings again – a 6.25 start!

6.26: A promising start as the opening scene contained some very ‘lofty’ dialogue

6.29: How many years later??????

6.32: A well-known actor appears!

6.35: A previous villain returns! (maybe?)

6.39: Some serious s*** from Graham

6.48: Well, after a run of lack-lustre episodes, I can’t complain about the seriousness of this one!

6.50: Am liking the music too – very appropriate

6.57: I’m starting to enjoy this episode (so no spoiling it with the appearance of say, a frog!)

7.05: A seriously tense final 10 minutes!

7.12: The story neatly tied-up and the bad-guy dealt with appropriately by Graham and Ryan

7.14: …and suitable words of wisdom from the Doctor to round off the series

Yep! This episode, much to my surprise, really worked for me! Proper Doctor Who ‘stuff’. If the next series (and the new year’s day episode) are anywhere close to this one, I’m back onside!

…and the short clip of the new year’s day one-off looks to be just the ticket!

4.5 Stars!