TV: Doctor Who – Series 13, Chapter 5: Survivors of the Flux

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I was able to watch it live. It went out at 6.25pm on BBC 1 and ran for 50 minutes.

After last week’s mega-cliffhanger, this story could only get more complex – but in tonight’s penultimate story, at least we got some answers. (but I’m not revealing them here!)



As the forces of evil mass, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan face perilous journeys and seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their quest for survival…

Here we go…

Don’t blink!
Stuck in the 1900s

There are a number of stories across multiple timelines again tonight. One, following Dan and Yaz with Professor Jericho (from last week) finds them stuck in the early 1900s.

That’s a bit ood!

Conversations about that mystery group The Division are discussed early on in tonight’s episode chapter and there’s a re-appearance of someone truly evil as well as a welcome ‘blast from the past’ to help our heroes.

A significant revelation

There were some MAJOR reveals too about the Doctor’s past – pivotal would be an understatement! ?

The Dog is back again!

Another secondary storyline is set in the 60s and sets the scene for some Who stories from the Pertwee era! ?

Not sure about him!

There was certainly a lot going on in this one (it has become par for the course!). It all seems a bit hopeless for the Doctor and the planet in general, but there were some signs of optimism and things are set up nicely for a very dramatic climax in next week’s finalé.


Wowser! That was very good indeed! ?. I am really liking this series! ?. There was plenty of strong performances, a character from the past returns; answers to some ongoing burning questions – and another super-tense cliffhanger!

This week’s tongue-twisty technical terminology: “Psycho-temporal bridge”


I can’t wait for next week’s final Chapter (called “The Vanquishers”). It’s on BBC1 at 6.20pm and runs for a full 60 minutes.

Next time… The Vanquishers

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