Rosi’s 60th Birthday Celebrations

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We headed off to Rosi’s tonight to help her celebrate her 60th Birthday.

Stephanie and Samira performing miracles!

We arrived for 6.30 (Paul and Karen gave us a lift after the weather deteriorated in the afternoon, meaning we didn’t fancy the walk).

The gang was all there – Tom, Julie, Trish, John, Paul, Karen with Dave on Bar Duties! 👍👍

What made tonight truly unique was that Rosi took a well-deserved break from her normal excellent culinary preparations! Instead, she’d hired Stephanie and Samira to do all the cooking!

And what a feast it was! We’ve spent the past 20+ years visiting each other homes for really excellent dinner parties – but tonight was in a different league! In turn, it gave Rosi a ‘night off’ (and Dave too, from washing-up duties’).

The menu was Sushi-based and it certainly didn’t disappoint! Restaurant quality in the comfort of your own home (well, Rosi and Dave’s anyway) 👍

Course after course followed where, collectively and individually, our jaws dropped as each course arrived – lovingly prepared from scratch and mouth-wateringly delicious too!

Just like the wine, the conversation flowed (as it always does when us lot together) and midnight came and went!

What a fantastic evening – one we’ll never forget! Rosi’s always been very creative and tonight had ticked all the boxes for imagination. Fantastic!

We walked home with Paul and Karen and finally ‘hit the sheets’ just before 2am! 😴😴

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