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We headed off to our old stomping ground of Peterborough tonight for long-time friends Mick and Jane to celebrate their 60ths!

Longthorpe Village Hall

Our Party invitations seem less frequent as each year passes, but we were especially looking forward to this one, as we’ve known Mick and Jane for what seems like forever! We last saw them at ours, back in January, and it was great to get together tonight and be part of the celebrations.

Our Party destination was Longthorpe Village Hall which, even with the precision of Google Maps, took ‘a couple of laps’ to locate! When we arrived just after 7.15, the party was already in full-swing. After a quick chat with our hosts, we caught up with Phil and Karen, who we haven’t seen in the flesh since our holiday in Dubrovnik back in June, 2018.

The numbers filled the venue nicely – we reckon around 80 people. Most of that number seemed to be on the dance floor all night thanks to a selection of ‘proper’ music from our era 😉…

…where we also did our fair share of grooving! There was also plenty of (good) food and drink on offer with a catering van outside together with an ‘endless’ supply of low-alcohol beer, soft drinks and the occasional hard stuff inside. Perfect! 😁

Mick gave a short speech towards the end of the evening which rounded things off nicely, followed by Jane’s homemade cupcakes making their appearance, with enough flavours for each day of the year! Yummy! We restricted ourselves to just one each, but we could have easily succumbed to ‘a few’ more each!! 😋😋.

Given the location of Longthorpe Hall, curfew was at 11pm, where we managed to stay on our feet until just 15 minutes before the end.

It had been great to catch up with our long-time friends and we’d enjoyed a GREAT evening. A trouble-free journey home followed (as you might expect at that time of night) as there was nothing on the roads, meaning we were home just before 11.30.

Happy Birthday you two! 👍👍

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