ATMs Reunited

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A timely reunion today (again) for three ex-Sainsbury ATMs (that’s ex Area Training Managers!) — Paul, Geoff and yours truly!

Today, given our pensionable status, the eatery of choice was the geographically convenient for all of us (and wallet-friendly) ‘Hobson’s Choice, just off junction 9. Boy! It was busy and for the first time ever, we had to look for a table. It may have been down to it being half-term in these parts, After a quick scan of the eating area, in the end, we grabbed our seats right opposite the Bar. Well, from there, at least I could see the size of the queue! 😉

Part of my five-a-day (if you look very closely!)

It’s not the most imaginative of menus, but it IS good value. And lucky us, Friday is still BOGOF day for their infamous Quadzilla Burger – a truly massive affair containing enough meat between its buns to feed a small army! It was therefore the obvious choice, and Geoff and I were soon counting the calories (whilst Paul settled for a much lighter option in the shape of a Baguette!)

In the time we were there, we solved pretty much all the world’s problems and even began discussing future holidays together. Best of all, when it came to the bill, after a round of drinks each and Mains, we left with change from £30! 👍😉

The Pub remained busy all the time we were there – and they were starting to queue when we left! – they’re clearly doing something right and there was no sign here of ‘hard times’.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday lunchtime and good to see a local eatery doing well! 😁

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