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These days, the abbreviation ‘ATM’ is an everyday part of our lives (and maybe even bigger in Greece, at the moment!). But, ‘back in the day’ (and what now seems like a lifetime ago) when I was working full-time for Sainsbury’s, it meant something quite different – Area Training Manager. In my duties of looking after branch training, I covered the ‘Romford’ patch (which meant Southend to Great Yarmouth), whilst four colleagues dotted around the UK covered the then ‘Areas’ of ‘Coventry’, ‘Bromley’, ‘Woking’ and ‘Uxbridge’ – carving up the Sainsbury Empire into manageable chunks of fifty-or-so Branches.

So, today, was quite special as I met up with two of my ‘opposite number’ from all those years ago: Paul, ATM of Coventry Area, and Geoff, ATM of Uxbridge Area. We all now live quite close to each other, and so it was pretty easy to find a mutually convenient watering hole. We chose Hobson’s Choice in Kettering, and spent an extended lunch reminiscing of training-days-long-gone! Three hours later, we’d made a valiant attempt at trying to remember who-was-who, and where-are-they-now – but we’d only really scratched the surface!

Cue a perfect excuse for another meet in the not-too-distant future! 😉👍

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