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Well, after writing to Virgin Media in 1992, asking about the chances of improving my then pathetic Internet speed of about 1Mbps – it’s finally happened! Back then, their reply was ‘there was no demand in your immediate area for our services’. Today, finally, in August 2022, Cable has arrived! — Aw Bless! It only took them 30 years to make the right decision!!! 😁

Today, a number of the Virgin team were popping postcards through everyone’s letterbox in the ‘immediate area’. And not only that, they’re offering (currently) the fastest speeds on the planet – that’s up to 1130Mbps! đŸ˜ŗ. The techy name is ‘Gigabit Broadband’ and even I didn’t think it would ever be that fast around here!! Amazing! 👍👍. But I really could have done with these speeds when I had the business based here ‘back in the day’!!! đŸ˜Ŗ

That’s quite an improvement compared with the next best speed currently offered by BT and Sky of around 55Mbps max!

So, am I going to switch? Well, I want to, but as Fate would have it, we’ve just signed a new contract with BT for the next two years!

Bugger! ☚ī¸

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