The Colour Purple

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No, not the 1982 movie, but simply some news about my never-ending quest to acquire some top-end internet speeds here! Boys and their toys ehh???? πŸ‘πŸ˜€.

Since I last whinged about all of this back in February, when I first saw CityFibre in the area, things have moved on. Again, courtesy of CityFibre, it looks like we’re a step closer to getting FULL Fibre in our actual road! Witness the above scene this morning, not more than five yards from the house – it’s purple sheathing being inserted via the drains (that’ll save digging up part of the road!).

All of this purpleness, together with the three recently installed green junction boxes with their cabinet doors now unlocked and open, ready to be connected, means that all we’re waiting for now is the ‘City Gang’ to install the connection points in front of each property.

Historically, we’ve always been ‘BEHIND the curve’ with broadband connectivity, but looks like it’s about the end and we’ve finally caught up! It’s only taken 35 years!!! Happy days! πŸ˜€πŸ‘

Update: 22 September

It’s officially official!

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