Boys and their Toys (Part 221,122!)

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Those that know me, know that I love anything techy! For a few years now, I’ve expressed my passion through this Blog. Lately though, it’s been creaking a bit under the bonnet because of the sheer volume of content – mainly down to my photos!

The trouble is, all those pictures had (unbeknown to me) been gradually heading towards my allowed limit for the number of files I can store (as you can see below!). Not quite sure why the limit is exactly 262,144 files, but there you go! 🤔. I could have ignored it for a while, but there were signs that all was not well when images refused to upload and the Blog started to become unstable.

How many?

A quick call to IONOS revealed that the only route was to ‘upgrade my package’ – at a cost of course! Kerchinnngggg! That wasn’t an option given that the price would have been close to 5 times what I’m now paying per month. The solution was beyond my techy expertise, but I was determine not to use such a big chunk of my State Pension to get it fixed.

The solution? A bit of time spent Googling revealed a very helpful organisation – WebDesign Ltd – based in Colchester, who specialise in sorting out problems like this (amongst their many other tech talents). Huzzah!!! 😉👍😀

After the diet!

A few weeks later, and as you can see, I’m sorted! (Thanks Matt, thanks Matthew!) — and at a fraction of the cost that I was originally quoted! I’ve also now got enough space to outlast me!! 😉

That’s what I call a good result! 👍👍

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