15 Years a Blogger!

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15 Years a Blogger

In what seemed like a quirky and innovative exercise back in 2004,
today marks 15 years exactly since I began blogging. Back then, actually publishing anything online (especially whilst out-and-about) was definitely NOT the norm! Still, those that know me, know I was always one to ‘push the envelope’ with my tech! 😉

Since that first Post on Sunday at 11.10am, I’ve now bored the pants off you online 3334 times – but plenty of you seem to like it, so I’m carrying on for a few more years yet! 👍


Normal Blogging Service Resumed?

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Phew! After another very techy week problem-solving, I think things are now back to some state of normality with my Blog posts.

It’s taken far too many hours days weeks getting it all working again – and I hope I never have go through all this again! 😡

The Short Version

It’s now working! If you read my blogs-posts on the big social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr etc, etc), then it’s no change for you – you’ll see my posts there as normal.

However, I know a few of you access my Blogs directly at https://blog.StevePalmer.com, and there’s now a slightly different web-address:

https://blogs.StevePalmer.com. Click HERE to see them.

The Long Version

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