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Unchartered Territory!

..but more to the point, who moved my fridge?

As all good people-developers know, ‘Who Moved my Cheese? is the title of a very successful book & video by Spencer Johnson. It illustrates how to cope with change. Dealing with change seemed wholly relevant as I ventured into the murky world of ‘DIY’ – specifically, the removal of the existing c1993 integrated fridge in our kitchen.

Like our Sky-box upstairs, the fridge had been given the last-rites a few days ago, due to its age, and in its final years had developed a rather unique defrosting technique that regularly flooded the kitchen. Then, if that wasn’t enough, after defrosting and restocking, it wouldn’t keep anything cool!

Those that know me well, know that when it comes to DIY, it’s a bit like asking Del-Boy to update Debrett’s!

Borrowing the phrase: ‘simples’ from that well-known meerkat, felt so appropriate, as I naively prepared for tomorrow’s delivery of the replacement fridge, by getting ahead and removing the cabinet door from the fridge door. Forty-five minutes later, and even with the help of my good friend and neighbour David, I was still no closer to getting the two doors apart, let alone removing the fridge itself – ‘simples’ was quickly replaced with ‘struggling’!

It was now time to call on the big-guns – another good friend and neighbour, Tom. If DIY is measured by competency levels ranging from 1 to 10, I’d rate myself a generous zero-point-five – and Tom, at least 12!

So, just as i was about to steal the quote from the meerkat again, the two doors decided to continue their close bonding (literally) leaving Tom and I for the next 30 minutes determined to separate them  – result? an epic failure!!!
Steaming mad

As a final desperate measure, I proposed calling on all of my DIY experience (and by implication, infinitely dangerous!) and use the finest of my precision tools – a damn great hammer!

After a few well-timed blows to the fridge door, the cabinet doors gave up their mutual attraction and went their separate ways. Encouraged by this small success, I now tackled the fridge itself. It had obviously seen the battle waging with the doors and surrendered its position without any further bloodshed. I even managed to disconnect it from the electrical spur without any further mishaps (Doctor, why is my hair standing-up?)

The replacement fridge is due tomorrow – what can possibly go wrong?
Confused smile

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