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Fabric Display at John Lewis MK – is it me, or do they look slightly creepy?

It was a rather disappointing day today. We set off for MK in search of ideas for a replacement dining-room table and also to pick-up some ideas for colours for the planned refresh of the dining-room.

First stop was the mighty IKEA. So large and so full of people that it could apply to join NATO! It wouldn’t however have got any prizes for its ‘95p bacon sandwich’ though. In my world, the bacon is always supposed to, at least, cover the surface area of the bread – and we had to pay extra for ketchup. C’mon IKEA – sort out your sarnies! And for that matter, sort out your dining-room tables too! We left after a quick look round, after only seeing about four that came close. Bah!
Baring teeth smile 

Then it was off to the next largest land mass in Milton Keynes – ASDA. Cripes! When did food retailing get this large! Huge doesn’t even begin to describe it! No tables or fabrics, but we did relive them of a serious amount of food-stock!!
Winking smile

Final stop: John Lewis – surely they’d have some good ideas for fabrics – they always do! Our needs were simple, as we just wanted a pattern featuring a bright red that would serve as a base colour for the kitchen blinds and the dining-room curtains. By the time we headed home, we had fewer examples than IKEA had bacon rashers! Back to the drawing-board!!!
Baring teeth smile

Any comments?