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In our continuing process of slowly upgrading the House, today, one of last ‘originals’ from moving-in 20+ years ago – the side door to our Garage – got a makeover.

Well, less of a ‘makeover’ and more like a complete replacement.


Next job? An undercoat, then another undercoat, and then the top coat – to match the front door! The top coat should have been done the day after, but the unpredictable British Weather kicked-in – and it rained… and the day after… and the day after that! And then I got busy on other things
Sad smile

Ready for Paint: 1st August

Undercoat 1: 2nd August

Undercoat 2: 5th August

Top-coat: 2nd September

Finally, on the 2nd September, it was all done! Next time, I think I’ll go for a UPVC one – this was just too labour-intensive!
Sad smile

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