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20140803_193347_Tynan Close
Sooooo last century!

And so, this week sees the start of ‘kitchen chaos’ as it gets a well-deserved makeover.

Stage 1 includes smashing the s*** out of all the tiling, together with the removal of two doors (to the dining room and utility room), to create an altogether more cleaner, more modern look.

On Wednesday, Stage 2 begins with the installation of new white units with chrome finish handles to replace the err, white units with brass finish handles (the brass-look is soooo last century!). Then it’s the turn of the existing gas-hob and leccy-oven to find a new home, as they’re being replaced with a ceramic hob and a much more modern double oven. Continuing the theme of electrics, our existing microwave is being dumped after it recently acquired a new feature of catching food alight – on whatever setting we chose! Finally,the blue worktops are to be replaced with wood and (eventually the floor will switch from white to wood too!

Those that know me will be relieved to hear that I won’t be doing any of this hard work! The sight of me, and any form of DIY, is enough to put the country on high alert! Anyone who has seen a picture of me with a paintbrush/screwdriver/chisel/hammer knows that it must have been photoshopped! – we’re leaving all of this to the professionals! – all I have to do is cope with the dining room looking like a food-bank for a week, whilst it becomes the new larder, and my XKR snuggles up and makes friends with, everything else from the kitchen! Next week, the re-decorating begins – and I won’t be doing that either!!!

I love retirement! – so much more time for err, supervision!



20140803_143947_Tynan Close
Our current kitchen sporting that ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ look!

By Saturday morning, we should have a sparkly new kitchen and utility room!
Confused smile

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