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The Kitchen Makeover – Almost Finished

We always knew today was going to be busy! It was the day we set aside for restocking the kitchen cupboards after emptying them last week in preparation for the kitchen makeover.

In spite of the hard work by Anglia Interiors’s Grant, their kitchen installer, the job wasn’t quite completed by Friday, so that made the re-stocking slightly more time-consuming as there were certain cupboards we couldn’t touch. It would have helped, If I’d labelled the black sacks I’d originally stocked the kitchen goods in, but it did add a certain ‘kids-at-Christmas-opening-pressies’ feel to the exercise!

We started at 7.30 am, trawling through the Dining Room that was temporarily acting as the warehouse for most of the stock -and then  there was the garage for all the stuff that wouldn’t fit in the Dining Room!

We managed to squeeze in a trip to the local dump – sorry, Civic Amenity Site – to get rid of come of the bits and pieces we ermm, ‘re-discovered’, as well as a tour round the local ASDA for something simple for tonight’s meal, but mainly to replace the out-of-code foodstuffs we found during the ‘sack-race’! It was amazing to find so much stuff that was past its prime – whatever did we do before we had ‘best-before’ dates?!?! I think there was a jar of spices that had no date on it at all!!!

By 6.30pm we were shattered. The job was 98% completed and so we called it a day, and sat down to sample ASDA’s Chinese takeaway menu – and Russell Crowe in his latest blockbuster: Noah. The two went together very well – the food was very disappointing, and so was the film (possible RC’s worst film to date… maybe EVER!!!)

At least the Pimm’s went down a treat!

Ironically, just as the film finished, the heavens opened, and it started to rain! Spooky or what!!

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