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Ford Cortina NPK 914L 1.6L c1975
My First Proper Car c1975 – more of my cars HERE

We headed for Chris and Gill’s tonight for a get-together of culinary excellence . And to complete the family, Francesca and Abigail were there too! – we haven’t seen all four of them since last August when we last visited. Denise and Steve were also there, and we soon got down to the serious art of gossip – helped along by by some scrummy Prosecco.

After a while, all gossiped out, we got stuck into tonight’s meal – a variation on Fish and Chips, where the chips included sweet potatoes too! It was all yummy-scrummy!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a proper meal without a few sips of wine – but I think we might have needed to re-define ‘sip’ by the time the meal ended! By way of exception, after a single glass, I moved onto the softies, as it was the first time we were out in the XKR, and where we’d be travelling home in the dark – just call me ‘Mr Cautious’!!!


Dessert followed – fresh fruit with ice-cream and/or cream. Most of us opted for ‘and’! We made light work of the generous portions, as well as putting the political world to rights along the way!

10.30 came and went, and we made plans to say our goodbyes. It was a great drive home – the car purred (and as a consequence, so did I) – and with the roads very quiet due to Summer holidays, I had an opportunity to try out ‘sport mode’ for the first time (scary) and then the paddle-shift manual (even scarier!) The best part of it all, was the sound of the engine as the 500+ BHP chewed up the miles and the V8 gurgled its way up through the gears (and down again) – all with silky smoothness. I love this car!!! I think this is the most fun a guy can have (with his clothes on!)

It even averaged just over 20mpg, which was surprisingly good, given that my first 1.6 Cortina achieved about the same!

Smile Smile Smile

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