Super Sociable Saturday and Sunday!

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It was one of those fantastic weekends where we spent 99% of the time eating, drinking and enjoying the company of good friends! It’s a tough life!!! πŸ˜€


The morning was spent preparing stuff and having a final tidy-up in readiness for our guests.

Just after midday, Ralph and Karen joined us, and after a quick natter (and a pizza or two) we all went out for a short walk showing our guests the new development that is Seagrave Manor. Weather-wise, it began OK, but about halfway round, the heavens opened, and we were thoroughly soaked! Karen probably escaped the worst of it as she had a hood! πŸ‘

Once we were home and dry, we nattered away the afternoon combined with getting the evening meal prepared (Cottage Pie with a Sweet Potato & Cheese Topping).

With pretty much everything then sorted for the meal (and with a bit of time on our hands) we settled down to watch a movie – courtesy of Netflix.

Our choice? The remake of The Magnificent 7 (2016), that Ann and I last saw on my 60th birthday celebrations back in 2016. We’d completely forgotten how good the movie was (and in Ann’s case, unusually, she’d forgotten seeing the film at all!

Just before 6pm, Jo and Janet arrived, and after an alcohol-fuelled catch-up we sat down for the meal.

As usual, Ann had performed miracles in the kitchen – and so had I for Dessert! I created a ‘Kit-Kat’ cheesecake, which, at least visually, got a lot of attention.

Judging by the empty plates, it seemed to taste as good as it looked…

…although if I being picky (me?) next time, I’m going to make the base a bit thinner (a bugger to cut through), sweeten it up a bit and cut down on the amount of dark chocolate content and replace it with milk chocolate! Oh, and maybe add some choc-based liqueur! It did taste good though, but you wouldn’t have managed a second slice! πŸ˜‹

Jo and Janet called it a night just after 11pm and we stayed up to see the end of the film. We hit the pillows just before midnight!!! 😴😴😴


We were all up before 8. It had been a warm night (surprisingly!) and none of us slept particularly well. Still, time waits for no-one – even if we were suffering from lack of sleep!

We had Nick and Celina (plus their new toy – Nick’s Porsche) arriving at lunchtime, so it was all hands in the kitchen for the Sunday Roast.

On today’s menu? Roast Chicken with all the trimmings followed by Fruit Pavlova, Fresh Raspberry Bakewell Tart... plus a final appearance of yesterday’s Kit-Kat Cheesecake!

…all washed down with a couple of bottles of Red and a selection of Ales (no, we didn’t drink ALL of them!)

After Lunch, our collective minds turned to some initial planning for our Party in December. By 5pm, with some really good ideas in place, we said our goodbyes.

It had been a really good weekend catching up with some of our closest friends – now all we had to do was clear up! πŸ€”

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