Easy PC!

The Waiting Area at Trumpington’s Park ‘n’ Ride

Off to Cambridge today to meet up with Sally B. We’re on a mission to seek out a replacement Laptop to replace ‘Isla‘ (who has enjoyed a great innings since February 2015, but it’s time to retire her!) 😮

First stop was to be John Lewis who had some cracking good deals and where we’d narrowed it down to just three models. But first we had to get to Cambridge.

These days, wisdom suggests that it’s foolish to try and drive into the city-centre (was it ever????!!!!), and so we both headed for Trumpington Park and Ride. A lot has changed there since I last visited; for a start, parking is now completely free (for 18 hours), but on the downside, they were ‘improving’ the layout, so there were far fewer spaces than usual, whilst a family of diggers and dump-trucks did what they do best! Cue a few laps circling the site before bagging a space.

Sal arrived just after 11 and we were soon on our £3 journey into the City.

One of the benefits of going ‘old school’ – actually visiting a shop! – meant Sal could try out the feel of the keyboards, and that helped narrow down the options even further! ☺ By 11.30 we’d reviewed our shortlist – and rejected them all! 😛 Instead a trusty Dell tempting us with £100 off the price, became the ultimate prize!

Dell i5, 4Gb RAM, 1Tb 15.6 inch screen

A real beauty! ☺ … and all for less than £500!

With our bargain bagged, it was off to Brown’s of Cambridge for a celebratory Lunch.

Impressive Menu!
Great (Meat) Balls of Fire!
Yummy Fish Pie!

Two Courses, 90 minutes and a hell of a lot of catching-up later, we walked back the bus-stop and were soon back to our cars.

We both headed for the M11, where one of us headed south, the other northwards – and straight into the (now-daily) congestion due to the massive expansion of the A14). I’m sure it’ll be impressive when it’s completed, but at the moment, it’s a real pain every time I need to use the M11/A14.

A Day in Teigh

It was a great drive over to see our friends Nick and Celina today – and to see what progress they’d made with their recently acquire property – and to see their new additions to the family: ‘Salt’ and ‘Pepper’ – two six-week-old black and white kittens.

Wow! what a transformation to the house since we were last there almost a year ago – and even though there’s still plenty to do, what they have done was very tasteful.

Then it was off to a local Garden Centre – Gates for a quick look round (fantastic!) before dropping into The Wheatsheaf in nearby Langham for lunch

Delicious food awaited in the shape of an ‘Indian Risotto’ and a ‘Mega Waffle to Share’

Then it was back to theirs for a quick cuppa before making our way home. Another fine day with friends!