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What a lovely day! The sun is, at last, shining for more than  a few hours – so it was time to make the most of it! With the dust blown off the picnic cutlery (and the XKR!), we assembled the essentials and headed off in the direction of NT’s Woolsthorpe Manor.

Woolsthorpe Manor

As every schoolboy knows, this is the birthplace and family home of none other than Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered apples and the prism!

The Apple Tree that Isaac Newton sat under

Inside the Manor

Inside was a modest affair, but the stand-out stuff for me was a first edition and a third edition of a couple of his famous books.

After the culture overload, we staged our picnic in the designated area (we were the only ones!) – and our first one this year. Temperature-wise, it wasn’t quite perfect, with the warmth of the sun being punctuated by a gusty wind. Thirty minutes later, with the food demolished and a couple of the plastic knives self-destructing under the influence of a twice-cooked rather than a Twice-Cooked (don’t ask!) fancy bread, we packed up our troubles and headed for the car-park.

We also  managed to squeeze in a visit to nearby Downtown for a bit of essential shopping before heading south down the A1, and home.

Ann carriex on gardening when we got home, whilst I attended to the priority – cleaning the car!

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