Leicester – A Ring, A Pig and a Cutlery Set!

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It’s Saturday, and nothing that a DoDO likes more after a hard week’s washing, ironing, car valeting and IT Support than a quiet sit-down with the papers.
Forget that then! – it was off to Leicester for a mega-shop – and when I say ‘mega’, Ann’s leading the charge today, so it’ll be a biggy!

And it was!!!
Lee joined us, and we drove to Leicester arriving just after 9. Most of the city was still asleep when we arrived, and that was a good thing as it helped us to cover more shops more quickly!!! I dropped-off my wedding ring at Tarratt  (somehow it’s changed for being circular to oval) and then it was a short walk over the Fenwick’s where the serious spending began. The seriousness began with a replacement cutlery set – it looked amazing and weighed at least two ton (I know, I have the slightly longer arms now to prove it!). Then it was off to House of Fraser to see if there was anything there for me to spend my voucher on that Nicki bought me last year. Success! as I spotted a furry hat that’ll keep my head warm and cover all the extremities when we’re out walking – and as it was in a sale I spent less than I thought (Cripes! I’m talking like a retired person already – ‘keeping warm’ and ‘saving money’).
Then it was off to John Lewis and their kitchen department to seek advice about replacement hobs, ovens, worktops and microwaves. Another success, and we now have a short list.
By this point, it was approaching lunchtime and Leicester was packed – and individually and collectively, we were knackered. The next challenge was trying to find somewhere to eat  plenty of choice, just not enough tables. Everywhere we went, there was a 20-30 minute wait – and this was at 2pm – isn’t that past lunchtime?

Eventually, we stumbled upon The Almanack – a sort of gastro-pub with a massive great big pig on the Bar! Service was swift and polite (from humans, not the pig) and he food was good (from pig, not humans) and we were soon ready to err… sleep.
So, it was back to the car and the journey home. After unpacking our wares, there was just time for a short put-you-feet-up before we were getting ready to go down to town and the Salvation Army Citadel for their free New Year Concert. But not before I had a chance to take a look at David’s new car – a rather superb looking Jaguar – yummy!
What a concert! The Kettering Citadel Brass Band were there, together with Thomas Fountain (he played at our Wedding). And it that wasn’t enough talent, so was his dad, Gary,  and his brother James, all ready to puff-away on their respective instruments. Listening to them individually was a real treat, but the best bit was when they all played together (a public first I think!) – such talent, all under one roof and all giving their services for free. It brought a tear to the eye and a lot of tenners on the collection plate! Smile I’m not a deeply religious person, but this sort of thing does restore your faith in human nature – and, their musical talent makes X Factor contestants (and their like) look crappy by comparison.
The Concert finished around 9.45 and we were soon home. It’s been a packed day – but a good one. We’re off to Ann’s sister Bev’s, tomorrow!

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