Vauxhall Ampera/Jane Eyre/Colombiana/Last Night of the Proms

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Ralph, Karen, Lee, Ann and I took the 9.30 out of Kettering today and headed for London.

For Karen, Lee and Ann, the mission was to seek out some suitable material for THE wedding dress. For Ralph and I, we concentrated on much more important things like Vauxhall’s soon-to-be-launched Ampera – their first extended range vehicle.

After arriving at St Pancras International, we went our separate ways and after half an hour or so in the taxi, Ralph and I arrived at the iconic Battersea Power Station where the EcoVelocity Motor Show was taking place.


As luck would have it, as we went through the gates, the weather brightened up turning it into gorgeous day. Five minutes later, we were signed-up for test-drive and arranging to speak to Simon, the Ampera Product Manager.

The test-drive of the car was a great experience – comfortable, stacked out with tech and above all, quiet. The acceleration was surprisingly brisk and the car was easily the best looking vehicle at the show. After a couple of laps we parked up an had an long conversation with Simon, Vauxhall’s product manager, who was able to answer all our questions and give us his vision for the future of the car. Brilliant!


After a quick burger, we headed back in the taxi to St Pancras to wait for the girls. We grabbed a coffee at the station and at around 2.15, the girls arrived having had a productive time, agreeing the wedding dress – not that they were giving much away!!!!

We caught the 2.30 back to Kettering, which just gave us enough time to have a quick read of the papers and something more to eat and then we were off out to the local Odeon.

The girls went for the new production of Jane Eyre, whilst Ralph and I checked-out Colombiana starring Zoe Saldana, who I’d not heard of. In fact, we didn’t know much abut the film at all, but guessed (correctly) that it was set in Colombia – doh! Without giving too much away, I thought it was a GREAT film, and for me, one of the best so far this year!

four star

Jane Eyre finished just 15 minutes before ours, so that was almost perfect timing. We headed home, had another attempt at the papers and then caught the final part of Last Night of the Proms on TV. I wouldn’t say it’s totally my cup-of-tea (I’ve never really understood why people get quite so excited about the event), but it was great music, spoilt only by them dressing-up up the soprano at the end in such a stoooopid Britannia costume!

10.30pm Absolutely shattered – time for bed!!!

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