Easter with Ralph and Karen – Friday

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We set off just after noon. and arrived at Rockside around 2.15. It wasn’t a bad journey, but we did run into some road-works on the M1 an hour or so into the journey and Matlock high street was totally congested! Weather-wise, it was slightly overcast and a bit misty

The sat-nav in the car got slightly confused during the final part of the journey insisting that we turned right at the end of the high-street when it clearly displayed ‘no right turn’. This was due to Mr Sainsbury recently reorganising the traffic-flow after building their much needed supermarket nearby.

We started off with a tea and then progressed onto alcohol (not Ann who was still sticking to her promises for Lent nor Karen who stuck with tea), crisps, olives and peanuts.

DVD_Shooting_the_Past We spent the afternoon chilling-out and re-watching the excellent 1999 DVD Shooting the Past by Stephen Poliakoff – what a great DVD!!! No car chases…no loud music…no CGI – just a bloody good story, great acting that kept us on the edge of our seat. We watched parts 1 and 2 before settling down to terrific evening meal: Thai soup followed by one of Ralph’s excellent prawn stir-frys and finished off with fresh-fruit and ice-cream (not EWF_Chicago_2005me…Lent…just 1 day to go!)/yoghurt.

We also watched a pretty rare DVD shot in 2005 that featured Earth, Wind and Fire AND Chicago TOGETHER live at The Greek Theatre in LA.

We finished eating around 9pm and finished off watching the E, W and F/Chicago and Shooting the Past although I fell asleep towards the end.

We finally crashed out at 10.30!

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