Friends for the Weekend

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This is what it’s all about! Having time to spend lots of quality time with friends! This weekend we played host to Nick & Celina and Ralph & Karen.

Everyone arrived together and after a fab lunch (seafood risotto followed by lemon trifle) courtesy of Ann, we boys (together with Celina) disappeared to play with Ralph’s new toy  – his Tesla P85D. and what a toy (see my separate blog).

With our jaws collectively dropped, we headed back towards home and met up with Karen and Ann at Wicksteed Park for a leisurely stroll.

Then it was home to get ready for more food (Ann in the kitchen again!). In between, we found time to rewatch the DVD Rush. A couple of hours, after too much food and too much drink, we chied out for a bit before calling it a night.

Sunday arrived (as it always does), and after a lay-in, it was a lazy breakfast (and a busy washing-up session) before we said our goodbyes to Nick & Celina. And then, as if we hadn’t consumed enough food this weekend, it was off to our fave local(ish) pub/restaurant The Pheasant at Keyston.


It didn’t disappoint, with an imaginative menu (again!), superb service – and of course, delicious food! The Banana Marshmallow dessert got my vote, as the best dish this year!

We were all now totally stuffed, and we waddled back to the Tesla, headed home, passed on some the weekend leftovers to Ralph & Karen before saying our goodbyes.

What a fab weekend! Superb food at home and away, great friends, a chance for a walk, and a large lump of technology to enjoy getting my head round – a perfect weekend then!


Back to reality with 16 tea towels and two lots of bedding to wash and iron! Ahh, the life of the DoDO!

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