Five for The Wheatsheaf

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Pub - Wheatsheaf

We picked up Jo and Janet tonight and headed for our fave restaurant – The Wheatsheaf at Titchmarsh. It had been a particularly busy and stressful week for us all, and this was the perfect antidote. Having just got the car back from the Vauxhall Body Shop, it was now looking immaculate. Then it rained… and I do me rained! Ironically, the news was reporting that Northamptonshire might have a hose-pipe ban shortly – better get rid of ours then 😁

Plan A was for Nicki to join us here, and we’d all travel together, but she was having a really bad journey from London, and we agreed she would meet us there. Actually, we only beat her by around 10 minutes, so she did well. Lee stayed at ours cat-sitting and catching-up with EastEnders – it was a bit late for her to eat anyway.

The Wheatsheaf Bar was strangely quiet, but we needn’t have worried. The Restaurant was packed – always a good sign!!!! The girls went for the fish and chips whilst I had the marinated strips of chicken with tagliatelle – It was all delicious, especially the chips!!!

We got back to ours around 10, and by then, our busy weeks had caught up with us – knackered doesn’t begin to describe it! Time for bed!

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