The Future of the Petrol-Head

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We, I think this self-confessed petro-head will soon be changing his name – to electric-head!

As part of this weekend with friends, Ralph and Karen introduced us to their latest acquisition – the all electric Tesla P85D. The rather boring sounding name, hides the fact that this is the most advanced electric car to date.

My first trip was over to Northampton in search of the local super-charger. A twenty minute charge (whist we had a drink in the nearby hotel) put around 100 miles ‘back in the tank’. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, the acceleration of this car was SENSATIONAL! Cripes! I thought my XKR  was fast with 0-60 in 4.6 seconds, but the Tesla covers the same in 3.1! Yes 3.1! And boy, does it feel like it!! I don’t think my body has EVER gone that fast, and ‘exhilarating’ doesn’t even begin to describe the feeling.

Add to this, a near 300 mile range when fully charged, zero road tax, adjustable height suspension (it remembers where the speed bumps are), full web access, a comfy suede/leather interior, 21 inch alloys, a laptop-like dashboard, intelligent cruise-control, ultra high spec music system and two ‘boots’ – then I’m sold!

Step forward Mr Electric-head!


Cheers Ralph – a truly fantastic car, and an unbelievable experience!!!

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