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The weather’s been rubbish, the washing and ironing is done, there’s a new web-site on its way, so there’s nothing left to do but catch-up on all those Christmas DVDs!

DVD - Parker “Parker”
Statham, six-packs and a stetson..oh and quite a bit of blood, but not as much as normal in JS’s films. Nice open-top Bentley Continental out-acts most of the stars
three star
DVD - Worlds End “World’s End”
The last of the ‘cornetto trilogy’. Silly story, but great fun to watch.  Thought the ending was really daft! One for a boys’ night in!
three star
DVD - Pacific Rim “Pacific Rim”
Incredible special effects, paper-thin storyline, but great to see the Americans saving the planet (again!) Yee ha!!!
two star
DVD - GI Joe

“GI Joe”
Ooo, the ‘extended action’ edition. So how come I nearly fell asleep? Script-writing and action-scenes  ‘by the numbers’. Oh dear! zzzzzzzzz!

one star

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