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An exciting start with the pre-credit scenes in this second outing for the rebooted Star Trek franchise – and for the seven people in the world who have 3D TVs, there’s even more to enjoy – especially in the first 10 minutes.

The major characters all looked and sounded like their ‘originals’, although ‘new’ Kirk’s piercing blue eyes in some scenes (surely enhanced in post-production?), just look weird! Good news though, there’s even Tribbles!
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‘Sherlock’ makes an early appearance, but pop to the loo or make some tea, and you’ll miss it! The storyline was good, and even if you NOT a Trek fan, there’s plenty to enjoy in this film – strong acting, great cinematography and intelligent scripting. The special effects were nicely orchestrated without going too far OTT. Character-wise, there’s also plenty of nods to the original series and it was good to see the character of Christopher Pike playing such a pivotal role, although I’m not sure that the Spock/Uhura love-thang really works!
A nice surprise about an hour-and-a-half in with a short scene featuring another well known character form the 60s series. The clincher for me was the revelation of character John Harrison’s real name (I won’t reveal it here), and that created a strong link with Trek-lore.

Finally, a nice twist towards the end for those expecting the storyline to mimic the old film franchise – neat!

All-in-all, a thoroughly enjoyable film for Trekkers and non-Trekkers alike, no undue violence or bad language – and no sex scenes. One for the grannies too then!


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