South of the Pacific in Birmingham

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Nick and Celina joined us for the weekend. it was Celina’s birthday and as a surprise, we’re all went off to Birmingham to see the stage production of South Pacific. (Wiki entry about South Pacific is  HERE)
Nick and Celina arrived about noon and we hurried down a quick snack before jumping in the car and heading from Brum, In spite of a promising start to the weather (cold but dry), by the time we left at 12.15 it was chucking it down – and that made the journey pretty hazardous the M6.
We parked up at Birmingham International rail-station and took the short train journey into the centre of Birmingham – much better than trying to park near anywhere close to the New Alexandra Theatre (near New Street).
Once at the Theatre, we joined the mile long queue to order drinks and then made our way to our seats. Taking our seats in the Circle, it was soon clear that the place was already packed and everyone was looking forward to the production. And, so it began… and what a superb experience. Just a shame that Samantha Womack was off sick from playing the lead – It would have been good to see her doing something else other than her EasterEnder’s character, screaming and stealing babies! – The understudy Carly Anderson though, did a superb job.

South pacific - New Alexandra theatre, Birmingham

I’m showing my age when I say: ‘they don’t write songs like that any more’ – but they don’t, and I was surprised how many I knew. Obviously’ Some Enchanted Evening’ brought a tear to the eye as it was a main feature at our wedding, the others? Here’s the complete list (I think!)
A Cockeyed Optimist
Some Enchanted Evening
Bloody Mary
There Is Nothing Like a Dame
Bali Ha’i
I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair
I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy
Younger Than Springtime
Happy Talk
Honey Bun
You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught
This Nearly Was Mine
C’mon, you do know some of them don’t you? 🙂

We had a much better journey back, the rain had gone but it was turning cold. Once home, the ‘creation’ that Ann had been nurturing in the slow-cooker came to fruition and we were soon tucking into individual steak pies courtesy of a gravy that had benefited from six hours on ‘low’! Scrummy! Dessert was another new creation – croissants baked in white chocolate and whisky. Err, double scrummy!

Blu-Ray DVD - Drive

one star

The only major disappointment of the day was our DVD choice. We’ve accumulated quite a few in the past few months of recently released Blu-Rays. After last week’s disaster movie, surely we couldn’t pick another dud. Could we? So, we looked at the star ratings for each film and unanimously settled for Drive the write-up was four/five stars all the way from virtually all credible sources.

It tells the story of a a guy – Actor Ryan Gosling – who, by day is a stunt-driver on a movie-set, and by night, acts as a getaway driver. He agrees to help his neighbour’s husband and invokes the wrath of the local underworld. So far, so normal. Then it all got a bit ultra-violent as he proceeded to beat the s*** out of the bad guys often using various pieces of cutlery to change the way their face looked! (The fork-in-the-eye, didn’t help our digestion and I hated the squelching sounds of boot against flesh!!!). Apart from the ultra-violence, the acting seemed half-hearted and Gosling seemed to be half asleep through the entire film (or is that his ‘cool look’?). It also starred Cary Mulligan, the Brit actress, who to me, seemed completely mis-cast as his neighbour. Obviously, we’d all missed something far deeper in this movie, as everywhere we looked it got rave ratings.
It was all a perfect excuse to crack open another bottle of something and slowly forget our poor judgment!

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