Holiday: Oman (2022) – Day 2

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Friday, March 25th

Morning all! 😁

It’s our second day here and one of us is celebrating their birthday! (CLUE: It’s not me!). Absolutely no plans at all for today except for a celebratory meal tonight!

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9.40am: Phew! Another day in the oven Paradise!! A late breakfast for us with the short walk to The Kitchen. Again, they didn’t disappoint with pretty-much every breakfast-cuisine there for the enjoyment of its multi-cultural diners.

Breakfast in Paradise!

10.35am: After breakfast, it was a case of ‘another day and another pool’ (Oh! the pressure!!). It sure is hot, but we did manage to find ourselves the perfect position around the Cascade Pool – with a member of the Senior Sunglass Maintenance team on hand keeping our sunglasses clean and smudge-free as well as providing us with the now-obligatory mini-coolbox full of iced bottles of water.


It’s definitely hotter than yesterday at this time – well into the 30s and it’s only 10.30 in the morning! Even in the shade, protected by the umbrella, we could feel the baking heat. Ann took a dive in the pool whilst I pursued something more leisurely!

I did manage to disprove the rumour and actually do two things at once – soak up the sun AND also read a book! The book of choice? The Worlds of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson (that’s been on my ‘must read’ list since Roger, Jane and Oli bought it for me last Christmas). I’m up to page 111, just at the point where Thunderbirds has been a TV success and the ‘green light’ has been given for a film of the same. What can possibly go wrong? πŸ™„

1.35pm: Phew! Three hours later and the heat got the better of us! We were also tempted by that ice-cold bar of chocolate waiting for us in the room fridge – and possibly followed by a short siesta! 😴😴

No idea what this is – it looked like a miniature orchid

Top marks for the chocolate (and we did restrict ourselves to just half a bar) together with a cuppa, but the outside temperature had taken its toll and that quick siesta was looking even more attractive!

5.00pm: But that’s the trouble with a quick siesta! – there’s no such thing!! 😯

6.45pm: With our batteries fully charged, we headed off to the in-house Indian Restaurant – Bukhara – for Ann’s Birthday Dinner.

Bukhara Indian Restaurant

7.00pm: It was quiet when we arrived, but it soon filled up.

And it was easy to see why – the food was EXCELLENT!

Chicken for Ann, Mutton for me!

It all tasted delicious and had a cooked-from-scratch look and feel about it.

Homemade Samosas
Tapioca Mango Pudding & Cottage Cheese Dumplings

8.35pm: After the meal, we headed for the Amwaj Lounge for our end-of-the-evening tipple of hot chocolate. It wasn’t to be, as the hot chocolate machine had broken down!

We scoured the remaining Bars, taking in the late night sights…

Looking back from the Beach
Late-night dip anyone?
Next stop? The sea!

…but this basic beverage wasn’t to be found! ☹️. We settled down at Zale (outdoor bar) where the DJ was doing a great job of seamlessly mixing his playlist of dance favourites.

9.40pm: Time to call it a night!

Muscat, Oman 2022

It’s been a great day! (in spite of the hot-chocolate disaster!). Happy Birthday, Ann.

See you tomorrow readers!

Just the photos so far (and none of my chat)

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