Holiday: Oman (2022) – Day 1

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Thursday, March 24th

8.15am: Morning loyal reader! We arrived just 15 minutes ago – we’re at the rather splendid Kempinski Hotel in Muscat, Oman.

Opened just four years ago, it’s an all-in-one resort hotel, meaning there is no need to leave the hotel area for anything!👍👍

The Kempinski Hotel, Muscat

Looks like the weather is on our side (for today, at least!), but before all that roasting, we need to check-in and get our bearings! 🙄

Just another hotel lobby!

8.25am: We’re in room 4201, which, if I know anything about hotel room numbering systems (and based on my years of working around the world) we must be on the 4th floor!

Doh! Wrong floor!

Well, that shows you how much I know! We’re actually on the SECOND floor in the FOURTH wing!! 😜

Wow! What a room! – large doesn’t begin to describe it! It’s certainly got all we need for our stay here… and some! The bed is wider than it is long, so I might sleep sideways tonight – just because I can!!! 😮

And not a bad view from the balcony either! Two of the pools are within walking distance and the private beach in the background (five minute walk).

Restaurant… Pool… Beach????

After a quick bite to eat for breakfast in The Kitchen, (one of the onsite eateries) all that was left to do was make a decision – the pool or the beach???? 🤔. Tough life ehh?!?!

Around the Hotel…

1.35pm: Probably the best thing about the Hotel, is that it’s nowhere near full – so there is plenty of space for everybody and that gave it a very relaxed feel throughout.

Test Bed

We let the heat of the midday Sun go down before deciding to ‘test’ some of the facilities (it would have been rude not to!)

3.00pm: So, we headed for one of the popular pool areas and found a vacant couple of beds to put through their paces. It was gloriously warm hot, frying weather, and we had to relocate the umbrella a number of times to avoid the heat! (I know, poor loves!) 😜


As soon as we were settled, along came ‘the man’ with towels and an ice-box full of chilled water. Perfect! and if that wasn’t enough, a little later, out came his melons! (clearly, a regular ritual here) – the perfect combo of a frozen melon slice on a stick!! Genius!!! 😋. Perfectly timed too as by now, it was even hotter! ☀️😎☀️😎

What a tease!

4.28pm: Almost 90 minutes of mid 30s temperatures (albeit with an umbrella and plenty of lotion) was all we could take today, so we headed back to our room. Next stop – after a short siesta – would be to seek out one of the restaurants to sample our first ‘proper’ meal here.

Shameless plug for the Hotel

One of the more convenient aspects of holidaying in Oman is that they use the same plugs/sockets as us Brits – no need to pack those travel plugs! 👍😉

Meal Deal!

7.35pm: There are a number of restaurants here and we aim to try them all out before we leave. Tonight, we returned to where we began – The Kitchen – where in the evening, it becomes an AYCE buffet.

What a selection! You name it, they had it! And if they didn’t, they’d find it and cook it for you! 😋😋

… and then there were the Desserts! 😛😛

Oh! and there was a BBQ too! 👍

The Amaj Lounge

Wow! What a feast! Superb service too! We finished the evening in the Amaj Lounge with a hot chocolate, a beer and some warm nuts – ooo-err missus! (Their drinks menu is HERE).

9.55pm: That’s it for Day 1 – more of the same tomorrow! 👍

مساء الخير

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