Holiday: Oman (2022) – Day 3

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Saturday, March 26th

Greetings, my loyal Reader… πŸ‘

Oh, Man! The view from room 4201

Well, I guess that’s not a bad view to wake up to! Hello Saturday!!!! πŸ˜€

9.05am: Breakfast time! And after last night’s feast, I’m eating light this morning (but we’re surrounded by so much variety, it’s a real exercise in will-power).☹️

All together now! “Scorchio!”

9.45am: We’re about an hour earlier today seeking out the Sun, but in spite of our punctuality, it still feels like we’re on the middle shelf of an oven waiting for the oven-chips to go in! OK, it’s a nice problem to have, but if we were here long-term, we’d need somewhere to hide! 😯

Again, no plans AT ALL for this morning, apart from: grab a book, find a suitable spot by the pool, pick a sun-lounger, generously apply the sun-lotion and then lie back and think of… nothing at all! (increasingly, that final stage for me is becoming really easy!!!)

PPP (Perfect Pool Position)!

And nothing is exactly what we did!

I managed to get to page 111 of my book yesterday and today, I finished the remaining 100-or-so pages. The Worlds of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson recounts the rather bittersweet history of the rise, the fall (followed by the rise and fall again) of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s business ventures, pre and post-Thunderbirds. If, like me, you’re a child of the 50s, this is a fascinating and detailed account of all those TV adventures that were a big part of growing-up, especially in the 60s and 70s. More information HERE.

The view from sun-lounger #2073

12.45pm: That was our regular roasting over for another day! Thankfully, it hadn’t felt quite so oppressive compared with yesterday (helped massively by today’s occasional cool breeze!) Saturday’s top tip? Place your shoes in the shade, otherwise it’s ‘toasted cheese’ when the time comes to put them on!

Back in our cool hotel room following the obligatory cuppa (and maybe just a hint of chocolate!), it was time for one of our ‘short’ siestas 😴😴

4.15pm: I think we’ve re-defined the word ‘short’ AGAIN! 4.15pm!!!!!. We’re up… and with the iron and the ironing board earning their keep, we got ourselves ready for the evening!

6.05pm: We heard that there are free canapΓ©s and dwinkies in the Amwaj Lounge tonight and so, never being a pair to miss the opportunity of a freeby (especially nibbles!), the Lounge became our first stop!

CanapΓ© Central aka The Amwaj Lounge
Caution: Remove mask before consuming! Ooops!

6.55pm: Next (and final) stop tonight was ‘The Kitchen‘ where the theme was ‘International Cuisine‘ and so we decided to also squeeze in even more food! πŸ‘

Again, just like our first night here, there was enough food here to feed the whole of Northamptonshire – it was just a shame that it wasn’t very busy!

Given the lack of customers, we did our part to reduce the leftovers, and it was such a shame we’ve somehow misplaced the bathroom scales! But then again!!! πŸ™„

…and to finish…

8.45pm: We’re stuffed! I couldn’t possibly eat another thing (until at least breakfast tomorrow!). We finished the day watching a bit of TV in our room – zero energy required (fortunately!)

See you tomorrow for more of the same!! πŸ˜‰

All the photos so far (and none of my chat)
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