First Visit: Shires Inn

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It was a drive into unchartered territory for us two today as we headed with neighbours David & Valerie for the village of Peatling Parva (population 181) and The Shires Inn and Restaurant.

The occasion? A belated birthday lunch for David and me! It was Ann and my first visit, but our dining companions knew it well.

If the success of a Pub/Restaurant is measured by how full it is at 1pm on a Thursday, then they were doing very well indeed! The car-park was packed whilst inside, it was almost full in the area where we were seated! – around 50 covers.

I guess Peatling Parva is a typical village in the depths of Northamptonshire Leicestershire – rural, scenic, and no mobile signal! As a result, our plan to take a photo of the Specials Board and then WhatsApp it to the rest so we could study it at our leisure failed. ‘Ahh‘, I hear you cry, ‘what about the Wi-Fi?’. We were told that it didn’t reach as far as our table!

Starter – Chilli Chicken
Main – Beef Medallions

Luckily, the food did… and we were soon tucking in!

Very large portions too, which might have put Dessert in doubt, but it was a birthday celebration after all, so we finished with their Eton Mess.

What a Mess!

The menu was varied and the Specials Board even more so. The Special Price menu – 3 courses for just £15.95 each, and a £1 reduction for ‘senior citizens’ looked like exceptional value. It was!!!

All-in-all, a very enjoyable experience and consequently, it was a very long lunch! Additionally, three courses with drinks and change out of £50 brought a smile to our face!

We just need to sit nearer the router next time!!

We’ll be back! 👍👍

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