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A couple of years back, we discovered some cousins (on Ann’s side) we didn’t know we had – Chris and Alison! ❤️❤️

Between then and now, we’ve got to know them quite well – and this weekend, Chris and his partner Kate came to stay for a long weekend.



A very relaxed day began with a light lunch, followed by a walk around Wicksteed Park. Then it was off for our ‘curry blowout’ at our fave Indian restaurant – Exotic Dining in town.

And then back to ours for ice cream, a very large G&T in preparation for…

…a late night DVD! – a perfect choice with its sequel No Time to Die, just released!


A very lazy start to the day! We didn’t rise until after 9 (I think that’s a record!)

The weather was the horrid sort (rain, rain and more rain!) but we managed to squeeze in a local walk.

Ann and Kate began to prepare the feast for tonight.

Then it was movie time again…

…which we didn’t quite get time to see all the way through – with about an hour left!

Jo and Janet arrived just after 6.30, joining the four of us for a Roast Chicken dinner…

A great evening followed! Lots of laughs, wine… and of course, Chicken!

But by 11pm, we called it a night! 😴


Another relaxed start to the day (with a ‘Full English’ for energy) followed then by an extended chat about previous generations of the family.

Our newly discovered cousins said their goodbyes just after midday.

What a fab weekend. I think we felt we’d known Chris and Kate all our lives! 😍😍

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