Worth a Visit to Shuttleworth

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We haven’t been to Shuttleworth since September, 2017 with Chris and Gill. Today, we met up with Roger, Jane, Oliver, Chris, Kate, Ali, Alison, Jake, Zidane and Sami – a family affair! We started out from nearby Biggleswade Sainsbury’s at around 11.30, before heading off, in convoy, to our destination.

The Gang’s All here (minus Sami, who took the photo!)

The weather forecast wasn’t brilliant, but these past few weeks, we’ve come to not rely on it at all!

Today, it’s Shuttleworth’s annual Military Drive-in Air Show – with something for everyone! 👍

Military Drive-in Air Show

10:00 – Gates open
10:00 – 17:00 – Swiss Garden and playground open
10:00 – 18:00 – Collection Hangars open
10:00 – 13:30 – Flightline Tours
10:00 – 13:00 – T6 Harvard Pleasure Flights
10:15 – 13:30 – Flightline Tours
11:00 – 14:30 – Shuttleworth House open
13:30 Pilot Chat on the Sea King – via Shuttleworth 87.8 FM
14:00 Main flying programme starts
17:30 – Main flying programme ends, followed by Edwardian aircraft, weather permitting

Individually, we’d all taken a picnic and the ‘drive-in’ part of the title meant we all got a ‘space’ with room to spread out our food next to where we parked.

By the time we arrived, just before noon, the car-park looked like we were last to arrive – the event was clearly well-supported and as a result, it was packed! We maintained our convoy status thanks to some help from the car-park staff and ended-up next to each other just three rows from the runway!

Shuttleworth House

After a quick natter, our first stop was the short walk to the Swiss Garden

Then it was off to the Workshops…

Lunch was next, and we created a space between the cars that accommodated us all – together with our picnic chairs and tables. Perfect!

With immaculate timing, we’d just finished eating when the main event started: a fly-past of various vintage aircraft and helicopters!

The weather turned out to be ‘variable’ (the polite version!) … a few short showers, one downpour but plenty of sun in between! 👍

It was also Zidane’s 15th birthday – and Alison had brought a cake…

Happy Birthday, Zidane!

…and what a cake it was! Enough for everyone – and some! It tasted delicious!! 😋😋

We really enjoyed the air-show. It included a Spitfire, a Hurricane, a Messerschmitt, a Chipmunk, a Typhoon, a Lysander and dozens of others – as well as a couple of dancing helicopters (yes, really!) and a glider doing acrobatics with smoke trails!

We stayed until about 4.30, preferring to leave before the end to avoid the ‘mass exodus’. Exiting the parking area was challenging, but we did eventually find the queue to leave the site. We needn’t have rushed, as our route OUT turned out NOT to be the route IN as the local roads were closed (because they were so close to the runway) meaning we had to double-back on ourselves adding to the congestion.

As a result, It took a bit longer to get home than we planned, but we eventually got in just before 6pm – an extra 15 minutes on our journey.

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